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About Us

We were founded in 2013 with a driving vision of democratizing medical expertise so that providers can offer every patient the care they deserve. Seven years later, we are furthering this mission with the industry-leading eConsult platform, supported by a best-in-class specialist panel, strategic partnerships, top investors and a smart, passionate team.

After a few years of working with organizations across the country to implement eConsults, we have learned that it takes more than just technology, people or process to become a meaningful part of clinical workflows. In fact, in order to truly empower primary care providers for success, it takes a thoughtfully assembled group of people with diverse experience in both healthcare and technology. It all started with our passionate founders and continues, every day, with our mission-driven RubiconMD team.

  • RubiconMD eConsults

    RubiconMD eConsults

    We enable primary care clinicians to easily and quickly discuss their eConsults with top specialists, so they can provide better care-improving the patient experience and reducing costs.

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