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10475 Perry Highway Suite G-105, Wexford, Pennsylvania, 15040, United States

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About Us

Rijuven is a Healthcare Service Delivery hub that enables patients to connect with care providers for a mix of telehealth and in-person care, improving patient convenience, access, and continuity of care. Founded in 2012 in Pittsburgh, PA, we are on a mission to make healthcare affordable and accessible at the times and places it matters most.

Every day, we’re guided by our core values. Our core values are not just buzzwords. They arise from years of reflection and soul-searching. They are the principles that define us and inform everything we do at Rijuven. We take access to care literally. We get up every day thinking about how we can deliver care to as many people as possible. Our platform has the necessary infrastructure to deliver comprehensive care at an affordable price.

  • Rijuven - RPM

    Rijuven - RPM

    Rijuven changes traditional telehealth and remote care monitoring models by delivering a solution with comprehensive benefits to all parties involved. The most striking benefits of Rijuven’s …

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