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About Us

To increase access and quality of healthcare, for everyone. With a focus on imaging, Rad AI enhances accuracy of and access to diagnosis.

Radiology is a critical part of medical diagnosis and treatment. Incorrect diagnosis, treatment in the absence of diagnosis, and lack of monitoring disease progression can have serious, even fatal, consequences for a patient. When it comes to quality healthcare, imaging makes all the difference.

Despite the importance, there is a drastic and growing shortage of radiologists. According to WHO, two-thirds of the world does not have access to radiology services. In areas that do, radiologist burnout, error rates, and turnaround times continue rising. The result: overloaded radiologists, crumbling medical workflows, and inadequate patient care.

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    Rad AI

    Radiology has always been the vanguard of medicine’s advances in technology. Like the transition to PACS and voice recognition, the adoption of the right AI products will help us as radiologists …

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