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Q·vera means True Qualit. Vera is the latin root for true, and Q stands for quality and everything we do is measured by this standard.

In 1997 MedShape the company that developed the predecessor to the Qvera Interface Engine (QIE) was founded by Qvera’s CEO Sam Shapiro. MedShape developed an HL7 interface engine known as RSIE. This original interface engine provided valuable experience and insight that would later be leveraged during the process of building QIE Qvera’s award-winning HL7 interface engine. In 2003, MedShape was acquired by an Oregon based medical software company and as part of that acquisition Sam Shapiro took a role in the new company as a senior executive. During his time there, he played key roles in shaping product direction and building the customer base to more than 10 times what it was when he joined.

  • Qvera HIE Network Solutions

    Qvera HIE Network Solutions

    At Qvera, we are committed to driving down the cost of healthcare interoperability. Our intuitive and intelligent interface engine removes the complexities normally associated with interface …

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