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About Us

In recent decades healthcare has experienced tectonic shifts. Medical science has leapfrogged forward. Treatments have become increasingly powerful and complex and increasingly expensive. And regulations have reshaped many aspects of the business, from revenue models to IT systems. Operational processes have not kept up. As a result, health systems rely on the heroic efforts of doctors, nurses, and frontline managers to close the gaps. But these superhuman efforts take an enormous toll, causing high levels of burnout for frontline teams. What’s more, this manual approach is inefficient, costly, and results in varying quality care.

Organizations have tried to address these challenges but find it hard to sustain initial process improvements. Once managers shift attention to the next problem, operations revert back to being manual, inefficient, and variable. At Qventus, we believe that it does not have to be this way. We’re taking modern technologies and principles that have been proven in other industries artificial intelligence, machine learning, behavioral science, and data science and applying them to healthcare operations.

  • Qventus Automation Platform

    Qventus Automation Platform

    Going beyond point solutions and ad hoc process initiatives, the Qventus Platform provides a comprehensive set of technologies for driving continuous operational improvement.

    It integrates with your …

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