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501-2000 Healthcare

7500 Old Oak Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio, 44130, United States

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About Us

Built on a foundation of service and technology, Quadax has grown to become a leader in the healthcare industry. Our revenue cycle solutions have helped clients achieve excellence and advance their standard of care. Though we take pride in past accomplishments, we are vigilant in our pursuit of future opportunities. Choosing to remain a private entity, we place our clients first and uphold our standards of success without having to sacrifice either for shareholder’s gain.

With deep industry expertise and technology delivered via person-to-person contact, only Quadax gives RCM professionals the freedom to consistently add value to their company. We provide personal service, people-to-people contact, and work with our clients to empower the technology to help them achieve their goals. The technology is important, but at Quadax, people come first.

We are proud to provide clients a continuity of excellence. A quarter of our team, of more than 800 employees, has been with us for more than ten years. That is why our clients trust us to optimize their revenue cycle and electronic transactions workflow.