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About Us

It all started with a phone call in the year 2000, we had just survived Y2k. Napster was all the rage. Apple hadn’t yet released the iPod, and Microsoft was still building WindowsXP. The DotCom Bubble had just burst and people were still accessing the web through 56.k dial-up modems.

Our CEO, Sanjay Patel received a phone call from his colleague Frank Rooks, CEO of ProPT. Frank called in frustration to ask Sanjay to help him create a rehab billing solution that would actually meet the needs of his practice. Of course Sanjay said yes.

At the time, Frank was using one of the only rehab therapy software systems available to run his practice, and it just didn’t handle billing. He stated “running my business is keeping me from running my business”. So Sanjay got to work. Frank communicated what he needed, and Sanjay built it. After several iterations, PT Billing Solution, and Princeton Global Services, Inc. were born.

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    Practice Pro RCM

    Our team of expert, therapy-specific billers know all the games payers play to keep your hard-earned money in limbo. Our billers take pride in their work, but even more, they like to win. This means …

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