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About Us

We let health care providers concentrate on utilizing the millions of integrated data points generated by hospital-grade continuous connected devices into effective, hyper-personalized, AI-aided therapeutic interventions. At the core of the solution is the VitalsTone™ exceptionally accurate AI-powered personalized data analytics engine that is integrated with the #1 in the market FDA-cleared wrist medical monitor Oxitone 1000M.

20% of severe chronic patients consume 80% of healthcare expenses and clinicians time while causing stress, anxiety, and frustration. The available solutions produce incomplete patient data leading to overburdened decision-making processes. With Oxitone, clinicians effortlessly help thousands of high-risk patients just in one click.

  • Oxitone 1000M

    Oxitone 1000M

    Unlike conventional pulse oximeters, Oxitone 1000M is the first FDA-cleared wrist-sensor health monitor that works without a bulky fingertip probe.

    Depending on the sensor location there are two …

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