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About Us

Nym’s team is working to enable fully automated, efficient and transparent revenue cycle management for healthcare providers. We’ve started with coding and our vision is to eventually leverage clinical language understanding and allow new ways to process clinical data. We are working to improve revenue cycle management by harnessing state-of-the-art technology to shape the future of healthcare.

Nym has innovated a new form of Natural Language Understanding perfectly suited for clinical coding. Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) is the exciting technology that enables fully automated coding with zero human intervention. CLU uses computational linguistics that enables it to successfully code charts. It provides codes and a clear audit-trail that explains the rationale behind the coding or flags charts for a coding specialist.

  • Nym's Auto-Coding

    Nym's Auto-Coding

    Nym codes charts with no human intervention. Unlike CAC, it is fully automatic and unlike other AI solutions, it understands unstructured physician language and can explain its coding rationale. For …

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