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About Us

Metronom Health is a portfolio company of Fjord Ventures LLC, a life science technology accelerator which creates capital-efficient companies.

These efficiencies are achieved through the broad experience of management, shared infrastructure and a dedicated source of funding that allows Fjord’s portfolio companies to focus on product innovation and disruptive technologies. This culture incentivizes progress and nurtures highly motivated, idea-driven spaces, where groundbreaking technology like Metronom Health Continuous Glucose Monitoring can develop.

We are prepared to revolutionize the management of diabetes. We envision a world where the effort of diabetes management does not consume the lives of people living with diabetes, as well as those who care for them: Less thinking. Less worrying. More doing. This principle is at the core of the development of our solution. That is our daily, unwavering focus at Metronom Health.

We are committed to developing and commercializing a revolutionary Continuous Glucose Monitoring solution, which will be deeply rooted in user’s individual needs, and shaped by the overall healthcare system, aiming to define a new standard of care in the management of diabetes.

  • Metronom Health's Continuous Glucose Monitoring

    Metronom Health's Continuous Glucose Monitoring

    Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is poised to replace traditional Self Blood Glucose Monitoring (SBGM) as the standard of care for people living with diabetes. Many factors will influence the shift …

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