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About Us

We exist to evolve the doctor-patient relationship through new methods of communication and care delivery. The mission and people changing the future of healthcare.

Doctors are bogged down. They are buried with regulatory requirements, administrative hurdles and downward pressure on their own costs to run their practices. This burden is increasingly taking time away from doctor’s ability to focus on what really matters: providing great care for patients. These pressures take away from doctor’s work-life balance, too. More than half of doctors say they regret going to medical school and wouldn’t do it over again if they had to.

Patients also face a growing burden, carrying more of their own healthcare costs and spending an average of 121 minutes on each medical office visit they have. Out of necessity, they want more convenience and alternatives to care that save them time and money.

  • Medici Telemedicine Solution

    Medici Telemedicine Solution

    Medici’s platform makes it easier for providers to access their patients and therefore provide better care. Our robust platform meets the highest security standards in the marketplace, with SOC2 …

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