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About Us

MEDITECH develops EHRs to simplify and enhance clinicians’ interactions with patients. We make technologies that encourage human connection, instead of getting in the way. A partnership with MEDITECH can open up new possibilities for transformational change at your organization.

MEDITECH wants to help build a world where every patient can access their health information and participate in their own care. We think every healthcare organization can serve their community quicker and more safely if they have instant access to records, knowledge, and data.

  • MEDITECH - Patient Engagement

    MEDITECH - Patient Engagement

    Consumers want to access care when and where it’s convenient for them, using technology that they already know and like. Patients want attentive care, with clinicians that are in the know. With …

    Posted   Patient Engagement

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  • MEDITECH Expanse Population Health

    MEDITECH Expanse Population Health

    If there’s one thing care teams need when tackling population health, it’s clarity. With MEDITECH Expanse Population Health, you’ll have the tools you need to get a clear picture of …

    Posted   Population Health

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  • Expanse EHR

    Expanse EHR

    Physician Efficiency

    With Expanse, improved efficiency comes naturally - from more intuitive, usable software. Physicians can finish their documentation at work and not take it home with them, so they …

    Posted   Electronic Health Records (EHR)

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