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51-200 Healthcare

5000 Meridian Blvd, STE 200, Franklin, Tennessee, 37067, United States

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About Us

Our purpose is to combine the power of behavioral science with artificial intelligence to drive positive behavior change for the betterment of all people. Lirio starts with a belief that when great people set out to do great work, the opportunities are endless.

We have the courage and curiosity to challenge the status quo, innovate, and take risks. We aim for “better,” but we don’t get hung up on “best.“The name Lirio comes from “liriodendron tulipifera,” which is also known as the tulip tree. Here are some fun facts about the liriodendron tulipifera that reveal why our name is so fitting.

  • Lirio Health Systems

    Lirio Health Systems

    Lirio helps you identify and mitigate high-risk, high-cost vulnerabilities along the care continuum. By applying scientifically designed behavior change journeys to digital communications, Lirio …

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