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About Us

The Lifelink Systems technology platform transforms patient engagement at scale for healthcare providers, pharma companies, and researchers. Our mission is to transform patient engagement and care across the healthcare industry by giving hospital systems and care providers powerful new chatbot technology and tools to meet their patients in the engagement channels they prefer while improving profitability across the board.

Information technology has come a long way, but successful user engagement has proven to be a surprisingly daunting last mile challenge. Today’s healthcare systems are powerful and complex. They’re complicated. They’re exceedingly hard to learn and use. Which makes the last mile challenge of user adoption especially hard. Modern web sites and mobile apps are a response to this complexity they’re an improvement but even well-designed mobile apps are not delivering the user engagement levels needed.

  • LifeLink Platform

    LifeLink Platform

    Lifelink Systems uses our proprietary Flight Plan™ technology to deliver unique, personalized engagements based on past activities and individual patient profiles over the course of days, weeks, or …

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