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About Us

Healthcare reform, an aging population, and a higher incidence of chronic disease has caused the demand for healthcare services to escalate quickly. At the same time, pressure from payers to eliminate waste requires that healthcare providers do more with less to meet this skyrocketing demand with the resources in which they have already invested. And this situation is only going to get worse.

As more healthcare data gets digitized, the opportunity exists to leverage that data to help providers meet these challenges and more efficiently match supply and demand. We have combined decades of experience with lean methodologies and cutting edge advances in data science and machine learning to develop patented technologies that help providers do more – a lot more with less.

  • iQueue for Inpatient Beds

    iQueue for Inpatient Beds

    iQueue for Inpatient Beds drives daily inpatient capacity management decisions at all levels from a single operations-focused source of truth, including discharge and admissions predictions for each …

    Posted   Inpatient Clinical Care

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