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We Treat Online Identities as Unique and Valued People We believe in the power of education. We believe everyone should have an equal and safe opportunity to learn. We believe in empowering students and educators with a richer, more intuitive learning experience.

In recent years, technology has vastly expanded and is now embedded in nearly every facet of education. Students and educators navigate a complex technology ecosystem daily; however, the systems they use often don’t interact with one another. When integration is lacking, the learning experience and workflows become encumbered and limit student’s learning potential.

While this interoperability challenge requires data standards, like those espoused by Ed-Fi and IMS Global, it will be years before they are perfected and ubiquitous. Our identity and access management (IAM) platform, RapidIdentity, delivers the answers you need today.

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    Healthcare’s rapid transition to digital where electronic medical records and online patient portals are the norm has created new challenges in securing access to personal health data and clinical …

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