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About Us

H3C is an innovative healthcare solutions company combining exceptional patient-centric care with cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to facilitate earlier interventions, encourage compliance with medication regimens, support lifestyle improvements, and reduce the number of hospitalizations, complications, and unnecessary clinic and ER visits.

At H3C, we measure success by our ability to deliver outstanding service to our patients. We remain genuinely committed to an enduring pursuit of excellence for the betterment of the patient population and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Our clinical call center is staffed with qualified, licensed clinicians who conduct the monthly patient encounters. Our staff comprises all levels of nursing qualifications, from CNAs to RNs (who oversee monthly patient encounters and play a role in reviewing care plans).

  • H3C  Chronic Care Management Program

    H3C Chronic Care Management Program

    H3C is a chronic care management service provider that focuses on helping clinics and practices provide the extra care and attention your patients need.


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