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701 Gateway Blvd. Suite 380, South San Francisco, California, 94080, United States

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About Us

Genome Medical is a mission-driven organization bringing genomic medicine to everyday care. We are delivering the future of health care today through our nationwide network of clinical genetic experts and our efficient genomic care delivery platform. Our team is dedicated to improving patient health and reducing the cost of health care delivery.

Our clinical team includes medical geneticists, genetic counselors, primary care doctors, pharmacists and other specialists who can provide medical services in all 50 states. The genetic counselors of Genome Medical are our frontline experts clinically trained to assess people’s risk for genetic disease, facilitate informed decision-making about genetic testing and interpret test results.

  • Genome Medical's Technological Solutions

    Genome Medical's Technological Solutions

    Genome Medical is a digital health company and a nationwide specialty medical group. We leverage our technology platform and digital infrastructure to enable access to virtual genetic care. Our …

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