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9191 Towne Centre Dr, Suite 103, San Diego, California, 92122, United States

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About Us

Foresight is a mental health and wellness clinic providing members with a wide range of treatments and services related to improving mental health and lifestyle. We are a team of psychiatrists, therapists, neuropsychologists, nutritionists, software engineers, bioengineers, data scientists, and researchers with a mission to revolutionize mental healthcare through the use of modern technology enabling us to deliver highly personalized, data-backed treatment plans to each of our members.

For almost two years we have been developing technology to help psychiatrists prescribe medication more safely and effectively. Over that time, we’ve seen countless other ways mental healthcare can be improved by using technology. Starting our own clinic gives us the opportunity to completely reimagine mental healthcare by leveraging cutting-edge science, research, and technology.

  • Foresight Mental Healthcare

    Foresight Mental Healthcare

    Foresight leverages technology to take your mental healthcare to a new level of accuracy, efficiency, and affordability.


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    An assessment of your genetic profile, …

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