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About Us

By tapping into the healthcare consumer’s own “health signals” (i.e., patient generated data, biometric, outcomes, and symptoms data), Conversa automates care with highly personalized, automated, and trusted conversations where possible, identifies at-risk patients, and provides digital triage to higher levels of care for those patients like phone calls, telehealth, e-visits, or scheduling in-person consults when necessary.

Conversa’s purpose-built solution drives unprecedented access to care, enhances your remote patient monitoring, delivers better care coordination, optimizes your telehealth initiatives, improves the consumer experience, and delivers better outcomes.

  • Conversa Health Virtual Care and Triage platform

    Conversa Health Virtual Care and Triage platform

    Conversa Virtual Care and Triage Platform were built to meet the expectations of today’s healthcare consumer while helping innovative health organizations remotely monitor, analyze and engage …

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