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95 Morton Street, New York, New York, 10014, United States

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About Us

When things are clear, easy and relevant for patients, providers form stronger relationships, minimize administrative burden and achieve better financial results, so what’s good for patients is good for providers. At Cedar, we foster that mutually beneficial relationship through proven expertise and modern technology. We combine the best techniques of fintech, ad tech, consumer and healthcare to help providers understand and engage patients more effectively.

Team-oriented. Fast-paced. Mission-led. We bring together a deep understanding of data science, technology, experience and design to solve an important healthcare problem in a unique way. Our team includes a diverse group of talented, problem-solvers and change-makers who are building something transformational. If you thrive when pushing boundaries, moving mountains and challenging the status quo, you’ll find your crew here.

  • Cedar Pay

    Cedar Pay

    Connect with patients at the moments they’re likely to interact, using the channels they prefer and messages that resonate. Cedar’s intelligent tech orchestrates targeted communications to …

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