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About Us is a conversational marketing platform enabling meaningful and intelligent conversations between businesses and their customers. With seven years of experience at Intel and serving ten years as the co-founder and principal of Ideas Collide, Rebecca Clyde uncovered a gaping need for a modernized solution that addresses the need for 24/7, on-demand availability from businesses. Brands were leaving money on the table by relying too heavily on “drip” nurture campaigns that could takes months to address all the questions and needs a prospective customer might have in order to make a buying decision.

After meeting Anu Shukla in 2016 at the Girls in Tech Catalyst conference, Rebecca and Anu sparked a conversation about their professional similarities; Rebecca had spent the last 15 years working in marketing automation, Anu and Chris Maeda had built one of the first marketing automation platforms, Rubric. Together, they remarked about how little the industry had changed since their start.


    Our team has uncovered the need for an on-demand solution that accurately addresses the needs of patients 24/7. Schedule a call to see how conversational marketing platform enables …

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