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About Us

Boston Software Systems is the only company with a pure focus in healthcare automation for 30 years. We increase productivity, and take away the pain points from EHR data migrations and the cost associated with an inefficient revenue cycle. Our thousands of automation solutions work 24/7, so you don’t have to. We understand the challenges you face, the burnout you experience from redundant, repetitive tasks, and want to improve the alignment to real-world workflows. More people turn to Boston Software Systems than any other vendor, for global performance initiatives.

Hospitals and health systems are challenged with providing better care at a lower cost. To be successful, their data needs to perform accurately, efficiently, securely and economically. Our clients and partners value Boston Software System’s dedication to healthcare and proven ability to optimize workflow processes with automation technology.

The entire Boston Software System’s organization, including senior leadership, product development, technical support and training, is dedicated to the success of hospitals, health systems and provider organizations worldwide.

  • Boston WorkStation

    Boston WorkStation

    Boston WorkStation helps hospitals and health systems bridge the gaps left by system vendors who don’t deliver on interoperability claims, leaving providers and staff struggling to complete …

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