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About Us

BioIQ is evolving the way health measurement works. By seamlessly connecting people to health testing through our software, we make testing more accessible, creating more insight for people and more touch points with health service partners.

BioIQ was founded to help people understand their health in a quantifiable way. As Bellante later learned, his mentor may have been saved by a simple A1c or blood glucose test, which almost certainly would have revealed his risk for contracting this devastating disease. Armed with that knowledge, a routine regimen of diet, exercise, or insulin injections could have helped prevent the stroke that ended his life.

  • BioIQ's Telehealth Platform

    BioIQ's Telehealth Platform

    The BioIQ® telehealth platform provides appointment scheduling, patient reminders, patient records and billable events, and delivers patient reports in accordance with HIPAA compliance. Patients …

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