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Amot Atrium Tower 2 Jabotinsky Rd., Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv, 6744331, Israel

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About Us’s video-based monitoring solutions deliver on the promise of digital healthcare services extended to everyone, everywhere, empowering users with an accessible tool for healthcare and personal wellness. The vision is a world where access to telemedicine levels the playing field, facilitating remote healthcare in new locations and giving healthcare professionals a smart tool to make data-driven decisions in any situation.

Whether for patient self-care, preventing the spread of epidemics, or reducing gaps and improving access to care in remote locations, video-based health and wellness monitoring will finally deliver on the promise for better healthcare for everyone, everywhere.

  • Vital Signs Monitoring Vital Signs Monitoring

    Real-time, medical-grade vital signs measurements using only a smartphone, laptop, or tablet camera. From remote or on-premises. Just by looking at the device’s camera. In less than one minute. …

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