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About Us

We’re bringing primary care to everyone. Because we think that’s the way it should be. We believe in the critical importance of primary care and its role in improving the quality of life for individuals, communities and the world. That’s why we’re reimagining the entire experience.

Using technology to augment the reach of physicians and provide on-demand access, we’re making primary care more accessible and affordable than ever before. Primary care is health home base the frontline of healthcare. Through routine check-ups and continuous care, many potentially serious problems can be prevented or treated early.

Put simply, it keeps people healthier as they age. The problem is, access isn’t universal, and the number of available primary care doctors is decreasing.

  • 98point6 Virtual Clinic

    98point6 Virtual Clinic

    Supported by robust technology, 98point6 physicians offer thoughtful, empathetic patient interactions every time-using the care guidance and quality standards you’d expect to find in any …

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