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About Us

At 24ourCare, people make the difference. From our clients themselves the health care professionals we serve everyday to our own health professionals, health executives, and HealthIT experts. Our mission is to solve the challenges you face today and tomorrow.

Despite their best intentions, Doctors now spend less time with patients face-to-face, allowing just enough time to give “what to do " instructions and write out prescriptions. Patients are often confused about treatment, which makes them 50% more likely to be noncompliant.

When patients have muliple chronic diseases, it’s improbable - in a brief office visit - to adequately educate them on their chronic conditions to include their medication use, their plan of care, care coordination among all providers, and help them create short-term goals. Our team of professional, compassionate, and qualified Care Coaches will help bridge this communication gap between patients and providers.

  • 24ourCare CCM Services

    24ourCare CCM Services

    We utilize clinically-proven chronic care management to improve care, reduce costs, and create financial stability. By engaging your patients, we can expand your reach and profitability beyond your …

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