Zipnosis Synchronous Telehealth

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Zipnosis Synchronous Telehealth

Synchronous telehealth that brings patients and providers together, on any device


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Zipnosis allows providers to shift between modes of care based on the patient’s needs during a visit. Serve patients on-demand, scheduled video visits, or even transition from an asynchronous intelligent interview to video when more personalized care is needed.

The robust video capability ensures every patient gets a meaningful encounter and the same quality care as an in-person visit.

Seamlessly transition from an asynchronous intelligent interview into video visits, or set up on-demand visits, scheduled visits (or both). Our flexible synchronous solution puts you in control of your virtual care solution.


Scheduled Video Visits:

Utilize EHR SIU feeds or our user-friendly interface to replace common in-person visits with video.

On-Demand Visits:

Start with an asynchronous workflow for on-demand video visits and allow providers or patients to step up to video visits when symptoms or patients require it.

Zipnosis Synchronous Telehealth