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ZeOmega's Advisory Services

Achieve value-based transformation with expert guidance and services.

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Transitioning to whole-person, value-based care requires the right combination of technology, processes, and culture for success. Clients who select Jiva make the most important first step in this journey choosing the best technology platform on the market. Then comes the critical task of implementing those capabilities that accelerates the transition to whole-person, value-based care, driving quality, value, and lowering costs one of the biggest challenges faced by clients.

Enter ZeOmega’s Advisory Services:

A team of healthcare leaders with deep expertise in technology and value-based care, our advisors, use a proven approach for optimizing implementations and helping clients achieve transformation.

Value Stream Impact Assessment:

Evaluates organizational readiness, maturity, and alignment with strategic and operational priorities.

Business Advice:

Provides operational and product-specific guidance, with an added option for strategic direction.

Data Stewardship:

Optimizes reporting and analytics, along with data governance and standardization support.

ZeOmega's Advisory Services