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Zebra-Med AdjustifAI

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Zebra-Med goes beyond its commitment to save lives in acute settings, to advancing value-based population healthcare management on a large scale, pioneering tomorrow’s medical imaging AI. People suffer from a range of chronic, progressive conditions. Health systems and plans participating in value-based care depend heavily upon the accurate representation of these conditions across their patient populations through the proper coding and submission of medical claims.

AdjustifAI is all about finding patients with unknown chronic conditions, getting them engaged in preventative care, and enabling a simple and reliable coding process. Early or predictive signs of such conditions appear on CT scans and X-rays acquired regularly on millions of patients every year for a myriad of reasons.

Our solutions focus on detecting commonly overlooked signs of the most prevalent conditions in these imaging studies without physicians having to order any extra scans or exposing patients to further radiation.

Zebra-Med AdjustifAI