WritePad™ EHR Systems

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WritePad™ EHR Systems

Robust, customizable content, and workflows easily tailored to your needs

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Do you know anyone using WritePad™ EHR Systems?

Don’t settle for a system that forces you to change; implement an EHR program that works for you - not against you. With robust, customizable content and workflows easily tailored to your needs, WritePad™ EHR has an implementation rate of nearly 100% - the best in the industry.

WritePad™ Program Modules offer a rich suite of add-ons to create a secure, paperless environment for your staff and clinic. With options such as the Electronic Filing Cabinet, Virtual Physician’s Assistant, and FeeSlip, our clinics experience improved efficiency and increased revenues.

The all-new WriteTouchHealth™ patient portal provides a simple way for providers to connect with their patients. Includes secure messaging through online intake forms, direct messaging to other providers, and the ability to create, design, and upload clinical summaries - all fully integrated from within WritePad™.

WritePad™ EHR Systems