Within3 Virtual Engagement


Within3 Virtual Engagement

Smarter virtual engagement is here - discussions anytime, anywhere

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Within3 is How Virtual Engagement is Done:

We invented a better way for life sciences companies to have conversations with the people who matter most - from doctors to patients to payers.

It’s a virtual engagement platform that gives stakeholders the freedom to communicate anytime, anywhere, on any device. It’s got practical tools to foster meaningful discussion like one-click translation.

Powerful moderator dashboards. Intelligent prompts that keep conversations alive. And it comes with a dedicated client success team on every project. The result? Most Within3 projects achieve 100% stakeholder participation.

All of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies use Within3 every day to increase stakeholder engagement and host more effective life sciences discussions.

Unlike webcasts, stakeholders interact with the platform on their own time. And instant translation tools make it easier than ever to host global discussions - without the logistical headaches.

Within3 Virtual Engagement