Wellsoft EDIS Electronic Health Record

Medsphere Systems Corporation

Wellsoft EDIS Electronic Health Record

A comprehensive, tailored ED EHR for any hospital

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) Emergency Department

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With millions of documented patient encounters, Wellsoft EDIS is built to integrate with all major hospital systems, ancillary departments, and HIEs to ensure a seamless workflow.


  • Blazing fast charting, intuitive navigation, and using a variety of input mechanisms (voice, touchscreen, handwriting, etc.) make Wellsoft EDIS the most comfortable system for documentation.

  • At-a-glance patient status is both dynamic and real-time, tracking pertinent information from pre-arrival through disposition and helping coordinate patients' flow.

  • Wellsoft EDIS uses powerful data analytics and an executive dashboard to provide compelling hospital staff and leaders insights. Thousands of data elements including key ED operational, quality, and risk management informationare automatically captured, time-stamped, and available for reporting.

Wellsoft EDIS Electronic Health Record