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Wellness Coaches HealthyWays Platform

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The Wellness Coaches HealthyWays Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to help organizations improve the wellbeing of their populations. The platform offers a range of tools and support to empower participants, including real-time connections with trusted healthcare providers, engaging content and activities, challenges, reward and incentive programs, and more.

One of the standout features of the HealthyWays® platform is its ability to personalize the participant experience, tailoring resources and support to meet their unique needs, interests, and health risks. By combining advanced algorithms with a powerful personalization engine, the platform delivers the right content at the right time, helping participants achieve their wellness goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The platform also offers a best-in-class user experience, with data from wearable devices, biometric screenings, assessments, and provider consults coming together to provide participants with a comprehensive look at their health. The Health Profile feature integrates this data to give participants a more holistic understanding of their health, better equipping them to make informed decisions about their wellness goals and empowering them to make changes with relevant recommended activities.

The HealthyWays® platform also offers insight into what matters most, with living assessments and proprietary algorithms allowing for continuous monitoring of risks and concerns in impactful areas such as chronic conditions, physical activity, sleep, mental health, and nutrition. This helps to deepen the scope of insights and impact, capturing readiness to change and psychographic segmentation.

Better engagement and outcomes are achieved through consistent interaction with living assessments, combined with data captured during provider engagement, enabling customized, dynamic activities to drive better engagement and health outcomes for individuals and populations. The platform also includes an events calendar and a “My Benefits” hub, which can be tailored to an organization’s needs to improve overall engagement and utilization of services.

The HealthyWays® platform provides participants with access to healthcare providers, allowing them to schedule appointments, engage in digital messaging, and log consults in one central hub. This transforms the platform into a one-stop-shop for total wellness, supporting real-time needs and overall wellness as participants work with their providers and giving them the specific tools they need to achieve their health goals.

Wellness Coaches HealthyWays Platform

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