WeCounsel Telemental Health Solution

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WeCounsel Telemental Health Solution

Increase client engagement and access while growing your client base


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WeCounsel was built with mental health professionals in mind. It is designed to solve the major challenges in running a private practice, starting with a solution that helps you grow a sustainable practice.

To reach our goals and serve our mission, we focus on clients too. Features were designed to increase client engagement and integrate patient-centered care. The therapy alliance is strengthened by using technology that advances the flow of information. WeCounsel is the only platform to provide an innovative tool-suite that elevates mental health professionals' level of care.


Increase Reach

Expand your reach through opportunities from WeCounsel partners that include primary care groups, hospitals, and emergency departments.

Streamline Your Practice

Remove the burden of time-consuming tasks by leveraging online scheduling, assessments, billing, and eSign capabilities.

Improve Communication

Offer the flexibility of video sessions or text-based counseling between sessions.

WeCounsel Telemental Health Solution