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Vizient Clinical Documentation Improvement

Using data analytics to fuel correct, compliant financial reimbursement and accurate quality reporting

Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

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As health care continues to move toward value-based care and pay-for-performance models, the financial ramifications of performance on certain quality measures also increase. In this new environment, clinical documentation plays a more critical role in care quality, driving health care providers to collaborate with clinical documentation, quality, and coding teams for more accurate data reporting.

Vizient Clinical Documentation Improvement helps members advance the quality of clinical documentation, which results in accurate and compliant reimbursements. Further, you achieve a more reflective case mix index (CMI) that truly shows acuity and care complexity for your patient population.

The Vizient Difference: Our Data:

A successful clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program affects Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services quality measures, present on admission, pay-for-performance, value-based purchasing, data used for decision-making in health care reform.

Vizient Clinical Documentation Improvement