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Viz Platform

Connecting multidisciplinary care teams earlier, coordinating care and improving outcomes for patients

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Viz alerts multidisciplinary care teams earlier in the workflow, coordinating care by connecting frontline health care professionals (HCPs) to specialists facilitating efficient communication, and coordinating care.


Improve Patient Outcomes

Connecting care teams earlier in the workflow enables faster treatment decisions, significantly improving patient outcomes.

Increase Provider Productivity

Time saved increases provider productivity. With more time, providers can treat additional patients or recharge effectively when off call reducing physician burn out.

Reduce Length of Stay

Reducing length-of-stay minimizes resources required to treat a patient. Less cost per patient and more available bed space increases your centers capacity to treat more patients with the resources you already have.

Enhance Economics

Identifying more patients who benefit from therapy increases appropriate procedural volume. Improved care coordination reduces patient leakage enhancing operating economics.

Viz Platform