TeleVital India Pvt. Ltd.


The proprietary software product of TeleVital


Do you know anyone using VitalWare?

VitalWare is the proprietary software product of TeleVital. It’s an Open architecture software engine that supports the real-time streaming and remote viewing of raw and interpreted Clinical data, Vital signs, Medical images, .etc..

The S/W interconnect framework connects doctors, patients, and the equipment remotely over the Internet, eliminating the computing complexity to back-end systems.


  • Software framework connecting remote doctors, specialist doctors, and equipment.
  • Server, Browser-based.
  • Standards-based (DICOM / HL7).
  • Secure access to patient medical data from anywhere, enabling remote consultation and second opinion.
  • Fully integrated EMR.
  • Optimal usage and minimum of Bandwidth, hardware, and devices.
  • Works on both Offline and Online.
  • Scheduling facility to enable smooth teleconsultations across the network.
  • MIS for administrators to collect statistics of teleconsultation and opinion.