Vista Solution™

VitalConnect, Inc.

Vista Solution™

Continuous patient monitoring - anytime, anywhere

PCM (Patient Care Management) TeleHealth Chronic Care Management

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It is a platform that is changing the face of healthcare. Vista Solution helps in continuous patient monitoring - anytime, anywhere.

  • Promote patient mobility in the hospital and home.

  • Improve patient comfort with automatic vital measurements, minimizing interruptions.

  • Enable safe transport of patients during transitions in care.

  • The Vista Solution user interface shows patients easily interpret tiles, displaying the most vital signs at your fingertips.

  • View all patients from one screen, regardless of their location.

  • Group and sort patients to find those that need attention and those who are stable and can be left to rest undisturbed.

  • Caregivers can review historical vital sign data for each patient to understand trends and inform treatment decisions.

Vista Solution™