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Virtusa's AnalyticsToAction

Address complex healthcare challenges using data, analytics, AI, and automation

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The healthcare and life sciences industries are undergoing various transformations. As organizations look to replace outdated legacy systems, there’s a growing need to implement more effective healthcare data management techniques. Streamlining the collection, organization, and analysis of patient data will help companies convert the data into actionable insights.

Virtusa’s AnalyticsToAction enables companies to use data and analytics to provide value-based care, understand their patients or members better, elevate population-based program performance, and deliver new healthcare data management programs. The solution leverages IBM® Flexible Analytics Platform and IBM® MarketScan Research Databases for data-driven insights based on real-life healthcare patterns. The solution allows for flexible implementation, scalability with predictable results, and easy embedding into the current technology environment.


  • Decision making

  • Remote patient monitoring

  • Collaborating across care teams

  • Improving medication adherence

  • Creating and monitoring personalized care plans

Virtusa's AnalyticsToAction