Virtual Care Timers

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Virtual Care Timers

Automated virtual care timers for CCM, RPM, and more

Chronic Care Management Virtual Care

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Automatically track every minute of non-face to face time providing virtual care by a patient, care provider, and task. Use real-time metrics to increase revenue, save time, reduce risk, and improve outcomes.

Automated Time Tracking

Ensure every second of virtual care time spent on CCM, RPM, and other programs are automatically tracked. Time spent by any care provider will be automatically assigned to the patient/consumer. Timed care will be accurately assigned by the patient, care provider, and task.

Real-Time Billing Dashboard

Use dashboard metrics to know which patients have met a billable threshold in a given time (i.e. 20 minutes or more in a calendar month) - which are close - and assign resources accordingly to optimize for delivering the billable standard of care.

Virtual Care Timers