Vianova Health Remote Monitoring

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Vianova Health Remote Monitoring

Redefining healthcare through remote monitoring delivered to your patient's doorstep

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Best in a class technology solution that monitors manages, and tracks care plan and medication adherence at the population and individual patient level. Supporting clinical, financial, and operational goals, with no disruption to workflow.

An intelligent virtual health coach that monitors educates, and motivates patients at scale. Leading to better outcomes and reducing cost.


Stratify Population:

Customize from 100s of Care Plan templates. Deploy in any language.

Remote Monitor:

Multi-model communication. No expensive technology is required.

Actionable Insights:

Robust reporting via a secure dashboard provides revolutionary data optics. Integrate with EMR, optional.

Alert Clinicians:

Automatically identifies patients needing attention, in real-time.

Vianova Health Remote Monitoring