VeeMed Operating System

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VeeMed Operating System

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VeeMed’s world-class operating system supports seamless, HIPAA-compliant communication among on-site staff and telephysicians, while delivering critical information to administrative teams.

Supporting Clinical Care:

  • Simple intake forms capture consult type, patient demographics, and patient disposition.

  • HIPAA-compliant HD video with dynamic optimization adapts to available bandwidth on the fly, delivering optimal video quality.

  • Multi-party calls enable easy telehealth consult requests and create opportunities for information sharing among clinicians, other healthcare team members, patients, and family members.

  • One-way and bidirectional electronic medical record integration via HL7 ensures seamless encounter reporting.

Streamlining Administrative Operations:

  • The user-friendly interface introduces cost savings by bypassing the need for a call center and scheduling clinicians for on-demand or pre-scheduled consults.

  • Algorithms support demand and supply forecasting by analyzing prior utilization and then suggesting staffing and coverage levels to meet demand.

VeeMed Operating System