The Most Efficient Practice Management Solution Ever Made

Telehealth Practice Management

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UPVIO is the most seamless and efficient practice management solution, created to streamline workflows, drastically reduce admin time, and drive success in a digital-first healthcare ecosystem.

Target customer niche:

Upvio’s solution in the healthcare industry targets healthcare providers across various specialties and organizations of all sizes. Upvio is perfect to streamline and automate various operations and processes, such as appointment scheduling, telehealth, messaging, patient monitoring, and payments. It is designed to meet regulatory requirements and compliance standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR, and addresses common pain points and challenges such as complexity, unfriendly interfaces, technical issues, lack of support, communications issues, patient engagement, data management, new revenue streams, and scaling, customization, and reporting. Upvio offers features specifically tailored to the healthcare industry, such as automated reminders, customizable forms, full telehealth features, a virtual waiting room, and remote vital signs assessment. It is an affordable solution with easy integration and support for varying levels of technical expertise, including dedicated account managers for setup and ongoing support.

Challenges that Upvio resolves for its customers:

  • Streamlining administrative tasks: Upvio automates many administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, sending reminders, various forms used on a daily basis, and processing payments. This can save healthcare professionals time and improve the accuracy of their records, by eliminating repetitive admin work.

  • Improving communication: Upvio provides tools for communicating with patients and other healthcare professionals, such as secure messaging and telehealth options. This can help healthcare professionals stay in touch with their patients and collaborate with other providers.

  • Enhancing patient engagement: Upvio provides patients with access to virtual waiting rooms, self-appointment scheduling, and communication tools. This improves massively patient engagement and satisfaction.

  • Facilitating data management: Upvio stores patient data securely and efficiently, making it easier for healthcare professionals to access and manage patient records. This improves patient care and enables more effective data analysis.

  • Creating new revenue streams and scale: with a fully integrated video solution, secure messaging, and asynchronous chat.

  • Innovative remote care capabilities: Upvio allow healthcare professionals to use it’s innovative technology to assess patients’ vital signs in under 30 seconds and provide better care and measurable prevention.

  • Customization: Upvio allows healthcare professionals to customize the software to their specific needs. This includes customizing templates, reports, and workflows to fit their practice’s unique requirements, making it easier to manage their practice.

  • Compliance: Upvio helps healthcare professionals stay compliant with healthcare regulations, being HIPAA and GDPR-compliant, and provides tools to manage patient data securely and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Mobility: Upvio is accessible from mobile devices and helps healthcare professionals stay connected to their practice, patients, and data from anywhere. This can improve the flexibility and productivity of healthcare professionals, enabling them to work on the go.


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