Unthinkable Telemedicine Solutions

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Unthinkable Telemedicine Solutions

Quick telemedicine app installation, signup, and setup for both patient & doctor

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Easy Patients and Doctors Onboarding:

  • Easy login kits with facebook and google account.

  • Hassle-free documents upload & verification of doctor’s credentials.

Intuitive Search, Filters and Sorting Features:

  • Patients can search for doctors as requirements, nature of sickness, location & budget, etc.

  • Create filters for doctor’s specialization, level of expertise, locations, fees & availability, etc.

Managing Appointments:

  • Patients can easily check a doctor’s availability and book appointments.

  • Doctors can review and edit upcoming appointments beforehand.

Seamless Video Consultations and Health Documents Upload / Download:

  • Seamless on-demand video & chat capabilities.

  • Best video experience across devices & fluctuation-free data access with our technology stack.

Popular Payment Gateways Integration:

  • Earn revenues with quick & easy payment integrations for all common vendors.

  • Enable flexible payment options, refunds & loyalty rewards.

Unthinkable Telemedicine Solutions