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Unblock Health

Unblock health is revolutionizing patient autonomy and healthcare consumerism

Health Information Exchanges Access to Information

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Unblock Health is a suite of services that finally provides patients and care partners with a way to level the playing field and demand access to the critical information needed to make informed, engaged, and empowered decisions about their care.

Unblock Health, which is FHIR native and fully integratable, is strategically designed to:

  • Hold healthcare organizations accountable when they do not release medical records in a timely, HIPAA compliant manner, while carefully tracking the often intricate, multi-faceted process of interactions needed, reporting both violations and access champions in the public domain.

  • Request patient-generated health data (PGHD) from mhealth & digital health tech devices and apps.

  • Request an itemized list of all the places that ones health information has been shared or sold to facilitate transparency and awareness of human data science practices.

  • Unblock health is revolutionizing patient autonomy and healthcare consumerism.

Unblock Health