Sonoscanner SARL


The ultra-portable ultrasound

Ultrasound Medical Devices

Do you know anyone using U-Lite?

Based on the latest numeric technology, U-Lite is the first ultra-portable HD ultrasound device in the world. The eco-design conception enables the lowest energy consumption level of the market, without loss in image resolution.

Easy to use, this handheld ultrasound scanner is entirely dedicated to helping health professionals make high-quality care and diagnostic. U-Lite can be used in many clinical and medical sectors: radiology, general medicine, endocrinology, ob-gyn, primary care, and critical patient care.

In any mode, the settings have already been optimized for you by the foremost french specialists. If the U-Lite size has been reduced to the smallest possible, its quality has not been compromised.

For the largest spectrum of diagnostics, U-Lite offers all the useful functionalities of an Ultrasound:

  • Color doppler
  • PW doppler
  • Harmonic imaging
  • Composite image
  • Handheld Ultrasound machine U-Lite