TupeloLife RPM Precision Care Platform

TupeloLife Digital Therapeutics, LLC

TupeloLife RPM Precision Care Platform

The Precision Care Platform receives biometric data and securely stores

Precision Health Remote Patient Monitoring

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The TupeloLife RPM Precision Care Platform is a comprehensive solution for managing patient biometric data outside the clinic setting. The platform enables providers to securely store biometric data and gain access to 100% of readings taken outside the clinical setting. This information is particularly useful for managing chronic conditions, as it provides real-time, actionable data that can help providers drive treatment change and decrease emergency department utilization and hospitalizations.

One of the key benefits of the TupeloLife RPM Precision Care Platform is its ability to provide immediate notification of critical readings and trend data. This allows providers to intervene quickly when necessary, which can be particularly important for patients with chronic conditions. In addition, the platform houses the clinical care team’s documentation, which helps ensure that all members of the care team are on the same page when it comes to patient care.

The TupeloLife Clinical Care team plays a crucial role in monitoring and triaging patient biometric data, which frees up providers to focus on patients who need them the most. The platform also includes features for risk-stratification, measuring patient engagement, tracking clinical care team interactions, and identifying patient biometric trends. This helps providers to better manage their patient population and provide proactive care to patients that need it most.

The TupeloLife RPM Precision Care Platform is a valuable tool for providers looking to manage chronic conditions and provide proactive care to their patients. With real-time, actionable data and features for patient population management, the platform is well-suited to help providers uphold the Hippocratic Oath to treat the ill, preserve patient privacy, and teach the secrets of medicine.

TupeloLife RPM Precision Care Platform

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