True North's VMWARE

True North ITG, Inc.

True North's VMWARE

True North's hybrid cloud hosting solutions offer your business multiple configurations based on your needs, tailored to your requirements

Public, Private, Hybrid, And Multi-Cloud Cloud Hosting

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True North’s hybrid cloud hosting offers the best of both worlds in terms of flexibility, scalability, and security, and comes with its own unique set of benefits.


Dynamic Flexibility

Hybrid clouds have a unique advantage over private networks alone in that they offer the scalability to increase computing power when needed. As private networks are limited in their capacity, deploying a hybrid approach gives you the flexibility to add extra capacity when needed.

Cost Savings

Another significant benefit of hybrid clouds is the cost savings that come from having access to additional processing power when you need it, without having to invest in additional permanent system architecture.

Secure Operation

With a hybrid configuration, you have the option of storing sensitive data on your local network behind your company firewall, while extending less-critical applications to the cloud.

True North's VMWARE

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