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TruCare Reporting™

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Reports are a critical part of running an efficient business operation. With TruCare Reporting™, for a non-technical business user who needs on-demand access to run standard and ad hoc reports such as user activity, metrics monitoring, and audit and compliance oversight, access is made easy. Reports can be scheduled and automatically distributed, and access can be restricted based on permissions.

The module is powered by Jaspersoft and reduces IT dependency for new reports or changes to existing ones. TruCare Reporting extracts real-time care management, utilization, and operational data to identify actionable activities in easy-to-understand reports and exportable files.

TruCare Reporting provides robust standard and ad hoc reporting and dashboard capabilities from the Jaspersoft reporting module. TruCare Reporting offers sample reports, including user activity, metrics monitoring, audit trails, and compliance reports.

TruCare Reporting™